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Depression articles


Depression is a persistent sadness and/or low mood which affects one's life negatively.

Not your average ‘’Winter Blues’’: Coping with Seasonal Affective Disorder

12 Oct 2021

There is no doubt about it that Autumn has well and thoroughly started. The days and nights have started getting darker and cooler and thi ...

MyMind Webinar: Demystifying Mental Health in an Unequal World

04 Oct 2021

To mark World Mental Health Day on October 10 2021, MyMind hosted a webinar entitled Demystifying Mental Health in an Unequ ...

Depression – a non-medical view of an existential affect

13 Jul 2021

Depression – a non-medical view of an existential affectWhen considering the experience of depression there are, as with anxiety, two chief ...

How to mentally cope with the loss of a job during the COVID-19 pandemic

24 Apr 2020

Our jobs are not only just a way of providing income to fund our lives, for many people they are part of their identity. One of the very fir ...

How to be productive on a bad mental health day

08 Oct 2019

Bad days happen. Things go wrong, other people’s moods affect us differently or, as we look at here, sometimes we feel off. Knowin ...

Depression and your relationship

06 Jun 2017

If you are depressed, your relationship can also become depressed. Depression can wreak havoc on your ability to experience and mai ...

Asking for help

07 Apr 2017

Ever heard or said the following: “Ah, sure I’ll be grand”, “Don’t bother, I can handle it”, “Feelings? Nope, I don’t want to talk a ...

Self harm, self help

17 Aug 2016

It is all too often that there is too much stigma involved around something that is all too common.  Self-harm is a real issue ...

Understanding suicide

25 Sep 2015

Despite government funding for the National Office for Suicide Prevention rising from €4 million in 2013 to €8 million in 2014, suic ...


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