MyMind offers counselling and therapy sessions by video or phone call directly to your mobile or preferred device. These remote services are delivered by our
network of mental health professionals in 20 languages. 

Our booking system enables you to see a counsellor, psychotherapist or
psychologist as quickly as within 24 hours (subject to availability). 

Video call requirements:

  • Adequate quiet and private space for the completion of online counselling sessions.
  • A minimum of 1 Mbps upload and 1 Mbps download internet speed required.
  • Access to both the microphone and camera from your device.

Phone call requirements:

  • Adequate quiet and private space for the completion of online counselling sessions.
  • Working phone device (mobile, landline, connected to your network provider).

What are the benefits of online therapy with MyMind?

There are many benefits to online counselling and it is an increasingly popular option. More and more people are recognising that they do not need to attend face to face therapy in order to meet their mental health needs. Here are some of the various advantages of online counselling.



As a not-for-profit social enterprise, our organisational model is designed to ensure that any income generated by the organisation through client fees contributes towards the provision of services. To this end, our current standard fee rate is favourable when compared to other providers and private practices, while also working to subsidise discounted fees for certain clients based on income status. 



For those who cannot attend face to face therapy, this is an excellent option. This could be people who live in a very rural location or those whose physical movement is restricted by disability. MyMind’s aim is to ensure that people of every walk of life can access our services. Please note, for those in a remote location that may not have a strong internet connection, there is also an option for a therapist to call you over the phone. If you would prefer this, please specify this option when making a booking.



Online therapy allows a therapeutic relationship to continue even when a client moves away, internationally or during crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Continuing with a therapeutic relationship in this way can be very beneficial at a time of change, upheaval and uncertainty and can help the client to cope with a period of transition.Your session can be booked in advance to suit your schedule.



Just like with face to face therapy, client-therapist confidentiality is guaranteed with online therapy. You can rest assured that whatever you talk about during your session stays between yourself and the therapist. Our therapists operate to the highest level of professionality and are continuously internally audited by our clinical team of therapists to ensure MyMind’s standards are being maintained.



Online therapy allows people who have very little time to spare to attend therapy regularly from their home or work. Once you have a quiet, secluded and safe place in which to attend a session, you can work very effectively online. Setting up this space is very important as it has to feel as close to the safe and secure therapeutic space that you would encounter in a face to face counselling experience. If you live in a busy house with many people, informing them not to disturb you during the period of your session would be helpful.



Being online can hold a certain familiarity and comfort for many people. Our lives are increasingly lived online and having a therapist work within this space can allow for the difficulties, nuances and challenges of life online to be addressed in real time in a congruent manner. Being comfortable within your therapeutic space is very important and online therapy can help with this. Knowing that they can exit the conversation at the click of a mouse also adds a level of control to the client which can encourage you to open up quicker and to talk about things you may not have been able to verbalise before.

(*) subject to availability