Everyone has easy and quick access to affordable mental health services.


To pioneer a new and sustainable model of community based and online mental health services that are accessible and affordable to everyone.


My FaviconMyMind Centre for Mental Wellbeing was founded in 2006 as a not-for-profit community based provider of accessible mental health care. We now have centres in Dublin, Cork and Limerick city, providing a wide range of clients with counselling and psychotherapy services. MyMind charges our clients fees based upon their employment status, allowing the unemployed or full time students to access our services at reduced rates. The revenue generated from our full fee clients is reinvested into the organisation, enabling us to provide services that are affordable to all.

It is easy for a client to self-refer to MyMind, appointments are usually made within 72 hours of a client contacting our office. Additionally, MyMind has a multidisciplinary, multicultural team that is able to provide services in more than ten languages, enabling us to serve the migrant population. At MyMind we believe our work addresses a huge social need, providing proven positive outcomes for those impacted by mental health issues. Our affordable and timely mental health services mean people have the best chance of getting back to a positive frame of mind sooner and with lasting results. We impact the lives of individuals and their families, their communities, and Irish society as a whole.


  • Face-to-face services are delivered out of four centres nationally: Ranelagh Dublin 6, Store Street Dublin 1, Cork city and Limerick city
  • Clients can book appointments over the phone or online
  • Services are delivered by our qualified team of counsellors, psychologists and psychotherapists
  • Clients can avail of online consultations via video conference, or talk to a mental health professional over email
  • MyMind’s online services allow people who are geographically removed from our centres, or apprehensive about coming in for sessions, to avail of mental health support
At MyMind, we recognise that how people feel in work has a big impact on their productivity and job satisfaction. With that in mind, we developed MyMind at Work to help employees manage some of the emotional barriers that can prevent them from thriving in the workplace. Through a series of talks, seminars and workshops, MyMind at Work helps develop mental fitness. Talks are designed for a larger audience and act as an introduction to the value of emotional wellbeing, while our seminars provide smaller groups with a more interactive experience. Half day and full day workshops give indepth guidance to participants on how to become more productive inside and outside of work.


  • Revenue made from our full fee paying clients is used to support reduced fees for clients who are out of work
  • MyMind connects clients with a team of qualified mental health professionals, ensures quality and adherence to regulations and standards

We are a non-profit organisation registered in Ireland (434008) with charitable status (CHY17600), CRA 20065812.

MyMind is complaint with the Governance Code as a Type C organization.

  • Help our clients:

    Make a positive impact on more lives by putting mental health support within everyone’s reach.

  • Build the best team:

    Continue to build a team of high quality mental health care professionals in a healthy, motivating work environment.

  • Develop a sustainable, growing and financially strong organisation.
  • We are relentless in our focus on creating easy access to mental health services across Ireland
  • We define and follow procedures which support achievement of our goals
  • We focus on solutions, not problems
  • We ensure relevant stakeholders are involved in decision making processes
  • We are committed to treating our clients with respect, professionalism and confidentiality
  • We actively seek to partner with other organisations working in mental health
  • We deliver a positive learning and development experience for our staff and volunteers
  • We implement and follow policies and procedures to ensure vulnerable clients are protected from abuse
  • We regularly review and assess the risks faced by MyMind in every aspect of our work and plan to manage those risks
John Travers (joined in July 2015, Chairperson elected in November 2016)
John was the founding CEO of three clean energy businesses in Ireland and the UK and previously worked as a manager at McKinsey and Shell International. He has worked as a healthcare volunteer in Ireland, East and West Africa and India. John studied both engineering and medicine at UCD and completed an MBA at Harvard. He has published two books.

Dr Paul Scully (joined in 2012)
Consultant Psychiatrist at St. James’s Hospital

Jude Farrell (joined in July 2015)

Brian Mulvihill (joined in July 2015)
Brian is currently Finance and Investment Manager at Irelandia Investments. He worked for 4 years at KPMG Dublin where I trained as a Chartered Accountant (ACA). He worked at GE Capital prior to joining Irelandia. He is a member of the board of directors of The Gaelic Players Association (GPA) where he also acts as Company Secretary and sit on their Finance Committee. He holds an Hons Bachelor of Commerce degree from University College Cork.

Robert A Bourke (joined in January 2017)
Robert obtained a BA in Business, Economics and Social Studies from Trinity College Dublin. He gained employment experience with Guinness Ireland Group, Zerflow Information Security, the Health Service Executive and Enterprise Ireland. During this time he also obtained a Diploma in Legal Studies and subsequently a degree of Barrister-at-Law from the King’s Inns. Robert has been practising at the Irish Bar since September 2007. He is also an Associate Lecture in Business and Company Law at the Institute of Public Administration.