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Eating Disorder articles

Eating Disorder

An eating disorder is an abnormal relationship with eating and food which causes someone to either over or under eat.

Eating Disorders

08 Jul 2019

Eating Disorders – Peer pressure or influence from social media? From a therapeutic point of view, any action that ...

Healing a toxic relationship with food

18 Jan 2019

In the run-up to Christmas, we were bombarded with the message that eating till we burst is an indulgence we deserve. A co ...

How to talk to a loved one with an eating disorder

03 Mar 2017

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (#NEDAW17) is coming to a close. The theme of this years campaign is “It’s Time to Talk Abo ...

Understanding Eating Disorders

25 Feb 2016

As #EDAW2016 comes to a close, we share this blog post about how eating disorders can originate and ways in which they can be preven ...

Eating Disorders

19 Oct 2015

According to the Department of Health, up to 200,000 people in Ireland are affected by eating disorders. This high number sheds ligh ...

How to control emotional eating

28 Sep 2015

In this article, MyMind therapist Anna Nauka talks about emotional eating and offers advice on how to control these patterns. Emoti ...


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