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Relationship Issues articles

Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues are issues between two people in a relationship causing pain and anxiety due to a lack of or breakdown in communication.

Building Healthy Relationships: Recognising Red Flags and Seeking Support

16 Feb 2024

Relationships exist on a spectrum, from healthy to abusive. What started off as a healthy relationship, can become unhealthy. Similarly, unh ...

Navigating Relationship Dynamics: Strategies for Growth and Repair (Part 2)

11 Dec 2023

In part 1, we explored the conflict part of relationship dynamics in which we examined the drama triangle and ego states and ...

Navigating Relationship Dynamics: Understanding Conflict (Part 1)

07 Dec 2023

Relationships, of all kinds, are an important part of being human. They are places where we can get our needs met and feel connected to ...

The Self Revealed by Love

24 Feb 2022

Of the three classical Greek forms of love (philos, agape, eros) the latter, romantic love, for most people is still intimately linked to th ...

How to spark your sexual intimacy

28 May 2021

 Covid-19 – How to spark your sexual intimacyIn March 2020, the World Health Organisation declared a worldwide pandemic which brought a ...

How to handle a long-distance relationship during lockdown

11 Jun 2020

With so many people travelling for work and pleasure, it wasn’t unusual, even before lockdown, for people to find themselves in a long-dista ...

5 ways to be kind to yourself this Valentine's day (whether you're single or in a relationship).

13 Feb 2020

Valentine’s day can be a very triggering time of the year for many. If you’re single, you have to deal with seeing happy couples plastered a ...

Tips on how to recognise and deal with a toxic person

03 Feb 2020

Most of us have probably come across one or two toxic people in our lives. Depending on how close we got to that person, we will in the futu ...

How to NOT live up to other's expectations

26 Sep 2019

There are times in life when we feel content. We know what we have is what we need and our relationships fulfil our emotional need ...

Parenting adults

19 Aug 2019

Around the time of year of the leaving cert results, many parents put themselves in the shoes of those whose children have reached ...


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