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Isolation is anxiety induced from loneliness and/or being alone.

How to Manage Loneliness during the Pandemic

01 Apr 2021

How to Manage Loneliness during the Pandemic    Agapi Kapeloni, BA, MA, MSc, MIACP   It has been over a ...

50 ways to do self care the right way during lockdown

11 May 2020

Let's face it- lockdown hasn’t been the kindest to most people. For many, anxiety is high and you may have slipped out of your old healthy r ...

Do we really have to be our best selves during a pandemic?: How to manage productivity anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic

16 Apr 2020

 You may have been seeing a lot of content on social media currently talking about the importance of being productive during social iso ...

Tips - mental health while working from home

16 Mar 2020

For some of us, working from home is second nature, but for others, it will be an entirely new concept. Here are some tips to help make the ...

Impact of Social Isolation

31 Jul 2019

Social isolation affects our internal sense of self in a number of ways.  First of all, it has bearing on our self-esteem. W ...

The experience of loneliness at Christmas

20 Dec 2018

In the run-up to Christmas and well into the New Year many people experience loneliness.   The type of loneliness I a ...

Happy Gut, Happy You

19 Jul 2018

In a world plagued by constant diet fads and new foods deemed “unhealthy” by the latest Facebook campaign, it can be difficult to kn ...

8 Ways to Cope with Distress

03 Jul 2018

A break-up. Death. A bad grade. Breaking something expensive or timeless. A computer crashing. Burning your breakfast when you ...

How to be happier in the workplace

02 Feb 2018

You may love your job, think your colleagues are ace and your boss is the best. Even with all of these things, your job can have it ...

The power of listening

02 May 2017

According to the Mental Health Matters Report (2016), there has been a 41% increase in the number of college students seeking c ...


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