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Building Your Personalised Self-Care Toolkit for Tough Days

By: Helena O'Leary

Updated: 13 November 2023

Building Your Personalised Self-Care Toolkit for Tough Days

Looking after ourselves can be easier when we feel good. When the motivation and enthusiasm, and zest for life are there self-care becomes integrated into how we interact with the world. On a good day it is great to get out for a beautiful walk, to treat yourself to a coffee, or to connect with a friend. But what about when the going gets tough? This is when we need to break out the 'in case of emergency' self-care toolkit.

Dealing with the bad days

When it feels like waking up to an internal storm where your inner critic shouts the loudest, nothing feels good, you’re feeling overwhelmed, over-emotional, or just numb. The cause doesn’t matter. It is these moments that you need to become your own cheerleader and support. Where the happy and motivated version of you can put in place the self-care toolkit.

Your personalised self-care toolkit

This looks like a letter to self:

It’s ok that you’re having a bad day but here is what you need to do (you don’t need to do everything but as many as you can, would be awesome)

1.       Open the curtains and window in your bedroom to allow sunlight and fresh air in – even if its for ten minutes

Fresh air and exposure to natural light increases serotonin levels, boosts mood, and regulates circadian rhythm meaning better sleep quality and less fatigue.

2.       Have a shower 

Warm showers reduce tension and relax your muscles and could showers improve circulation.

3.       Get out for a walk

Walks help with stress reductions and refocusing the mind.

4.       Write about your feelings

Journaling can help gain clarity, manage anxiety and is a opportunity to develop positive self-talk.

5.       Listen to the playlist created for you on Spotify 

It is important that your motivated self self creates a playlist of upbeat, happy, encouraging and motivational songs.

An upbeat playlist can boost mood, increase energy and dance can help the movement of emotions and stresses.

6.       XXX is your favourite movie, why not watch it this evening

Watching your favourite movie can boost serotonin levels and watching with a friend allows connection, co-regulation and self soothing.

7.       Get creative

This may be painting, playing music, colouring books, play doh, ceramics, the list goes on. Being creative develops  curiosity about emotions and their expression and can refocus the mind.

8.       Phone/text someone. I know you feel alone and isolated right now but there are so many people that love you and want to help. You are brave enough to ask for that help.

Reaching out to friends when feeling low can be challenging; often, we tend to isolate ourselves. However, talking to someone can bring a sense of relief by fostering connection and co-regulation.

If you would like to talk to someone about how your feeling, book in with one of our mental health professionals today.


Carol Power Psychotherapist Location: Online

Approach: Person-Centred Therapy

Works with: Individual Session

Specialities: Work Issues, Work/Life balance , Self-Esteem , Self Care , Personal Development , Eating Disorder / Body Image , Depression , Anxiety , Stress , Bereavement / Loss

Next avaialble appointment: 10:00 30 November 2023

Kerry Hadlow Psychotherapist Location: Cork

Approach: Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy , Mindfulness , Person-Centred Therapy , Solution-Focused Brief Therapy , Internal Family Systems , Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Works with: Individual Session

Specialities: Anxiety , Bereavement / Loss , Chronic Illness , Depression , Isolation / Loneliness , Personal Development , Relationship issues , Self Care , Self-Esteem , Trauma , Work Issues, Work/Life balance

Next avaialble appointment: 11:00 30 November 2023

Alona Buchuchanu (UKRAINIAN CLIENTS ONLY) Psychologist Location: Online

Approach: Psychodynamic Therapy , Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy

Works with: Individual Session

Specialities: Anger , Anxiety , Domestic Violence / Abuse , Personal Development , Relationship issues , Self Care , Self-Esteem , Stress , Trauma , Work Issues, Work/Life balance

Next avaialble appointment: 10:00 30 November 2023


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