I still remember the first day I arrived in Ireland clearly, not because it was my first time here but because of the influx of feelings that surrounded me at that very moment. The sense of relief for having escaped the injustices, persecution and trauma from my country of origin was short lived because another reality dawned on me, I was in a foreign country with no family, friends or culture, NOTHING! LGBT Ireland- Rainbow Muid became a home for me with their monthly peer support meetings I attended. The support I received from the group was marvellous but it was still not sufficient to cater for the mental and emotional state I was in. My Rainbow Muid group co-ordinator on behalf of LGBT Ireland suggested and offered the sessions with MyMind, this was my first step to overcoming and victory.

I attended the face to face sessions at MyMind in Limerick, I didn’t know what to expect as I had never talked to someone that way before, in my culture ‘talking to someone’ is deemed as a weakness and ‘un-African’. I was nervous and uncertain if I was making a right decision. My doubts were quickly cast aside as the very first face I saw was so welcoming and friendly, I felt no judgement, I did not get any funny stares, I was not treated as if I was crazy, I was just normal and treated as such. This was just the experience with the receptionist. I was at ease with all that followed after because of the warm reception

My psychotherapist has been very professional, kind and understanding of the cultural differences and been very assuring of the steps forward. I have found myself being able to open up about things that I never would have dreamt I would find myself being comfortable with, let alone speaking of or about. I slowly started to value myself. I was encouraged on my strong traits and gently cautioned against negative thoughts. I have now found ways to deal with anxiety and panic without using medication.

 The Covid-19 Lockdown period has been a very mentally and emotionally difficult for everyone collectively but even worse for an individual staying in direct provision. It has been an emotionally draining period that I don’t think I would have survived if I didn’t look forward to the sessions I have with MyMind which were now moved to online because of the restrictions. There were a few times that the internet connectivity was not so good and could not maintain an online connection, I always received a phone call from my psychotherapist to alternatively speak over the phone if I felt comfortable doing so. The level of professionalism has always been outstanding.

I know how it feels to be in a very dark hole, I know how it feels to be broken mentally, physically and emotionally, I know how it feels to be suicidal because it looked as the only favourable option at the time. These are the feelings I knew only too well and had come to accept. The sessions with MyMind were pivotal in giving me a different view of myself, life, the world and my past experiences. I am now more positive about what tomorrow may bring, I feel worthy and I’m well on my way to victory. I have started painting and writing again, the future is bright! Thank you MyMind and all those involved, I truly would not have made it this far without you.

- 01.2020

I couldn't be more grateful for finding MyMind.

- 08.2019

I'm happier ever since i'v been here, thank you.

- 01.2019

I've been visiting My Mind on and off for four years and have always found the staff to be exceptionally kind, professional and helpful. I'm very grateful to them for providing an affordable, reliable counselling service.

- 10.2018

Good to have an affordable therapy service in Cork city centre.

- 09.2019

What a lovely welcoming location and staff. Looking forward to future visits.

- 09.2019

Great therapy option for cork city.

- 09.2019

I really appreciate MyMind and what it does. Got seen quick and it was cheaper for me as I'm not working at the mo. Everyone was lovely and the women I met was amazing. Sounds out for everything.

- 10.2018