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Addiction articles

Addiction is the act of compulsively consuming a substance or doing an action over and over to alleviate anxiety or stress.

Watching pain: How to deal with someone who can't/won't help themselves (addiction, bereavement)

When someone in our lives is struggling, it causes within each of us a particular reaction. Some of us will seek to ‘save’, some w ...

Letting go of controlling behaviours

Dieting, the consumption or over consumption of food and restructured understanding of what food represents can enable some anxiet ...

Alcohol and your mental health

St. Patrick’s Day, the day where everyone wears green and becomes a little bit Irish. Whether you call him St. Paddy, St. Pat or Lá ...

Sex addiction, symptoms, cause, effects

Sex addiction can result in many complex and serious challenges, not only for the sufferer, but for their partners and families. Th ...

Substance addiction

We might think that substance addiction is a sign of weakness or a lack of willpower, but this is not the case. Addiction can effec ...


“When an individual persists in use of alcohol or other drugs despite problems related to use of the substance, substance dependence ...


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