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Stress articles


Stress is the general feeling of being anxious and worn out during a testing time in a person's life.

Life After Covid-19 – finding a sense of normality

01 Jul 2021

Covid-19 has been an unparalleled time in world history. For many when thinking about life after Covid, they talk about finding ‘the new nor ...

Navigating the new normal

16 Jul 2020

Navigating the new normal Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen the country open up again bit by bit. We can now go to the hairdresser, hav ...

Sleeping Problems - tips for people who find it hard to sleep

31 Oct 2019

It’s 5 am. You have to be up for work at 7. But you haven’t been up all night partying, you’ve just been lying in bed all this tim ...

Dealing with exam stress

09 Jun 2017

It’s the first week of June, the sun’s out but students are still walking around with their heads in books. That can only mean one t ...

Strong enough to carry Santa’s sack

14 Dec 2016

All the women. In me. Are tired. Nayyirah Waheed It can be a running joke among women that ‘being’ a woman is difficult but when ...

Managing stress at Christmas

21 Dec 2015

Christmas can be a magical time. It can also be a stressful time with lots of expectations, and the pressure to be happy during the ...


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