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Bereavement articles


Bereavement is the state of loss that one goes into after losing someone close to them.

Loss of a partner: When half of you is gone

14 Mar 2019

Dealing with the death of a partner can bring a sense of emptiness and loneliness that is as unique as the love you shared. Partic ...

Loss of a child: How can a parent move forward?

08 Mar 2019

It’s universally understood that the loss of a child, outliving one’s offspring is unnatural, devastating, the worst pain one can ...

Loss of a parent: Adults grieving and coping

27 Feb 2019

The relationships we develop with our parents can be as varied as our appreciation of musical styles. Some of us aren’t to ...

Losing a loved one: A child’s perspective

20 Feb 2019

A fundamental sense of loss can accompany a variety of life events. Death of a loved one, divorce, the moving away of chil ...

Coping with loss at Christmas

06 Dec 2018

Christmas can be a difficult and challenging time for those who have been bereaved.   There is the loneliness, the pain, the i ...

The Empty Chair on Christmas Day

20 Dec 2016

Christmas is the time of year when family come together It’s meant to be a Happy Time, regardless of the weather But when a precio ...

Christmas after a bereavement

15 Dec 2015

In the run up to Christmas, we’re sharing a series of articles from our mental health professionals, with advice on how to mind your ...


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