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Assertiveness workshop

Updated: 01 January 2018

Assertiveness workshop

Have you ever sat at a meeting at work with the mute button on because you were afraid your suggestions were no good? Do you have a habit of agreeing to things you really don’t want to do just to keep the peace?

Being assertive in a modern world can be really difficult. Simply being in possession of a smartphone can mean you are always available, which can be difficult for people who struggle with assertiveness. You don’t have time to figure out how to say no to a request or how to set work/life boundaries with your boss when you’re always contactable.

With this in mind, MyMind is hosting an Assertiveness workshop on Saturday, June 23rd at 7A Store Street, to help you hone, practice and apply assertiveness skills to your life.

With our highly experienced psychologists Anna Nauka and Karolina Jurasik, you will learn tools on how to recognise your boundaries, be aware when they are being broken and techniques to resolve issues in a way in which both people feel respected.

Assertiveness is not simply an art of saying no, it is an ability of resolving conflicts and protecting your boundaries without any damage on your relationships. Assertiveness is neither passive nor aggressive; it allows people to express their needs in a direct, calm, kind manner.

In this five hour workshop (10am – 4pm), you will learn about equal, non-violent communication skills. You will learn about you own communication style. You will learn how to express your opinions, feelings and needs, with respect to the others.

You will be presented with examples on how to behave assertively in everyday life. You will learn how to assertively say no and feel good about it. You will learn how to effectively manage criticism.

This workshop uses active learning, evolving all participants and providing additional simulations where people practice and reinforce their new knowledge.

Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.


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