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Trauma articles


Trauma is the mental scars from difficult past experiences that impair our lives and cause anxiety that can be difficult to get past.

Benefits of slowing down in stress management and overcoming traumatic and stress related symptoms

06 Feb 2024

In the world of therapy, it is important for both therapists and clients to understand why we should take things slow. This article is all a ...

MyMind webinar: The impact of trauma and distress on our daily functioning

26 Oct 2021

The latest in MyMind's series of webinars deals with the topics of trauma and distress. Trauma is defined as a deeply distressing or disturb ...

MyMind webinar: Exploring personality, trauma and pathways to maturity

01 Jul 2021

To access the video recording of the event please visit MyMind's YouTube channel here.Each one of us has our own unique personality —  ...

The legacy of trauma and difficult experiences and how therapy might help

10 May 2021

The legacy of trauma and difficult experiences and how therapy might helpOne of the prevailing myths in our Western society is that if we j ...

The truth about trauma

11 Apr 2018

The word trauma is used in our everyday lives to describe highly stressful events. It covers a broad range of situations which fall ...

The path to healing after sexual abuse

01 Sep 2016

Sexual abuse can leave the victim feeling helpless, alone, and scared. Some victims of sexual assault, abuse and harassment may kee ...


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