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Counselling is the act of going to a counselor to talk about your issues to try and resolve them.

Navigating Infertility: Understanding, Support, and Counselling

16 May 2024

Infertility is a complex and emotionally taxing journey that affects millions worldwide, with one in six individuals experiencing it during ...

A guide to counselling for young people

22 Feb 2021

Introduction There are some differences in counselling for younger people in the range of around 14-25 years of age compared with old ...

How do I know that therapy will help me?

31 Aug 2020

How do I know that therapy will help me?For so many of us, there are times when life becomes overwhelming. The usual stresses and strains of ...

I’m confused! What’s the difference between psychotherapy and counselling

21 Aug 2020

"I’m confused! What’s the difference between psych ...

Preparing for my first online therapy session

07 Aug 2020

Preparing for my first online therapy session By Daiva KaminskaiteMany aspects of our professional and personal lives have moved to ...

Steps we can take to improve mental health

16 Sep 2019

Mental health, or the spectrum of feelings that we all experience every day, is a broad and wide-reaching area of life that impact ...

5 scientifically-tested ways to boost your winter wellbeing

06 Nov 2018

The clocks have gone back, the temperatures are dropping, and the daylight hours feel non-existent. It may feel as if summer is ju ...

What type of psychotherapy is right for you?

18 May 2018

Through psychotherapy, people of all ages can live happier, healthier and more productive lives. Psychotherapy can help you develop ...

Counselling for students

09 May 2018

Exam season for students in Ireland is imminent and with it comes panicked study cramming, sleepless nights, caffeine drinks on tap, ...

What is counselling?

08 May 2018

Life can be challenging at times, full of ups and downs, and sometimes talking to someone can really help untangle a situation, issu ...


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