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Counselling articles


Counselling is the act of going to a counselor to talk about your issues to try and resolve them.

Steps we can take to improve mental health

Mental health, or the spectrum of feelings that we all experience every day, is a broad and wide-reaching area of life that impact ...

5 scientifically-tested ways to boost your winter wellbeing

The clocks have gone back, the temperatures are dropping, and the daylight hours feel non-existent. It may feel as if summer is ju ...

What type of psychotherapy is right for you?

Through psychotherapy, people of all ages can live happier, healthier and more productive lives. Psychotherapy can help you develop ...

Counselling for students

Exam season for students in Ireland is imminent and with it comes panicked study cramming, sleepless nights, caffeine drinks on tap, ...

What is counselling?

Life can be challenging at times, full of ups and downs, and sometimes talking to someone can really help untangle a situation, issu ...

Finding the support you need

If you had broken an arm, have a cold or feel sick, then you would be encouraged to go see a GP or go to the hospital and get what y ...

Making workplace wellbeing a priority

Millennials, as you may have heard, are changing the way we work. Having grown up during an era in which overwork was glamourised – ...

Put a self-care spring in your step

For many people the idea of self-care conjures up ideas of bubble baths, a ‘treat yourself’ splurge on something you may not really ...

5 reasons why online therapy might work for you

While traditionally, therapy was carried out face to face, having the option to talk to your therapist online is becoming a popular ...

Our simple guide to better wellbeing in the New Year

After the indulgence of Christmas, the start of the New Year can feel like a real slog. Everything you’ve been ‘putting off’ till ...


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