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Counselling articles


Counselling is the act of going to a counselor to talk about your issues to try and resolve them.

What is Hypnotherapy?

11 Aug 2016

Hypnosis is often associated with quirky hypnotists and magicians using a swinging watch to mystify their participants. It is n ...

What is EMDR?

19 Jul 2016

The therapeutic approach that we will focus on this week is a non-traditional method which is rising to prominence and has a track r ...

An interview with Stephen Watkins

19 Jul 2016

This month, we will be talking with MyMind counselling psychologist Stephen Watkins about CBT, the nature-nurture debate and the lit ...

Solution Focused Brief Therapy

15 Jul 2016

With an ever-expanding catalogue of therapeutic approaches to consider, it can often be troublesome to choose which type of therapy ...

Understanding Cognitive Analytical Therapy

08 Jul 2016

It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed when taking those first steps into therapy. There are so many different approaches out there a ...

Mental wellbeing at work

08 Apr 2016

As we promote physical health and wellness for Workplace Wellbeing Day 2016, we need to also remember how important positive mental ...

Beneath the helmet

03 Mar 2016

This week, MyMind Ambassador Brendan Doyle is writing from the Winter Olympics training centre in Lake Placid, NY. Brendan talk ...

An interview with Patrick Fitzgerald

15 Feb 2016

This month, we’ll be talking with psychotherapist Patrick Fitzgerald about mental health, rural isolation and the problems faci ...

Brendan Doyle: My journey to wellbeing

02 Feb 2016

Brendan Doyle is an ex-Garda and Winter Olympics hopeful from Dublin. Close to seven years ago, Brendan’s life was turned upside dow ...

An interview with Karolina Jurasik

25 Nov 2015

As part of our series of monthly interview with the MyMind mental health professionals team, we are talking to Psychologist Karolina ...


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