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My dignity and I

08 Oct 2015

By Guest blogger Fiona Kennedy, founder of Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers The theme of World Mental Health week this year is di ...

Living with an Anxiety Disorder

08 Oct 2015

We all get nervous or anxious from time to time when speaking in public, for example, studying for an exam, or just facing every day ...

My Battle with Perfectionism

05 Oct 2015

My jealousy of Grainne: A Battle with Perfectionism By Michelle O’Connor, MyMind Limerick centre manager  “When we feel jealo ...

What marriage counselling meant to me

30 Sep 2015

A real service user shares her experience with marriage counselling at MyMind.  A few months back, my marriage was in trouble ...

How to control emotional eating

28 Sep 2015

In this article, MyMind therapist Anna Nauka talks about emotional eating and offers advice on how to control these patterns. Emoti ...

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

26 Sep 2015

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or ‘CBT’ is becoming a household name when it comes to talk therapy, but how exactly does it work ...

Understanding suicide

25 Sep 2015

Despite government funding for the National Office for Suicide Prevention rising from €4 million in 2013 to €8 million in 2014, suic ...

My experience with mindful eating

24 Sep 2015

Freelance writer Andrea Tolu shares his experience with mindful eating and explains how mindfulness helped him overcome these patter ...

How talk therapy changed my life

21 Sep 2015

Guest blogger and creator of ‘Sunny spells and shattered showers‘ Fiona Kennedy shares her own experience of talk therapy and t ...

The Leaving Cert: Only one of many paths

17 Sep 2015

As young people all over Ireland collect their Leaving Cert results, MyMind intern Kristine Brouder remembers being in their shoes a ...


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