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Life is not easy.

When we awake in the morning, we’ve no ideas what’s in store or what curve balls will be thrown our way.

Life presents us with many challenges to our emotional and mental well-being.

You may be struggling with a particular difficulty, want to get more out of life or feel more balanced and fulfilled. You may wish to strengthen your self-confidence or rebuild your self-esteem.

That is why it is so important to equip yourself with the tools that can help you face such challenges.

MyMind has a team of experts hosting a range of workshops and courses that will teach you the tools and techniques needed to help you meet the challenges life throws your way and overcome the obstacles standing in the way of personal wellbeing.

We will provide the guidance and support to help you grow in confidence, develop your strengths and resilience, and boost your own well-being and happiness, as well as learning new skills and knowledge to take into your everyday life.

This July, we are offering three courses with experts in the field that will focus on enhancing your wellbeing.

These courses will help strengthen your resilience and increase your emotional and mental wellbeing.

They will give you heightened self-awareness and self-compassion and will increase personal empowerment, giving you the confidence to handle difficult situations and the challenges life puts your way.

The first of the MyMind courses is taking place on July the 16th in Ranelagh, Dublin 6.

Assertiveness is not simply the art of saying no. It is an ability to resolve conflicts and protect your boundaries without any damage to your relationships. Assertiveness is neither passive nor aggressive; it allows people to express their needs in a direct, calm, kind manner. This 5- hour workshop will provide you with tools to identify your boundaries, and when they are being broken and teach you techniques to resolve issues in a way in which both people feel respected;

  • You will learn about equal, non-violent communication skills
  • You will learn about your own communication style
  • You will learn how to express your opinions, feelings and needs, with respect to others
  • You will be presented with everyday examples of how to behave assertively in everyday life
  • You will learn how to assertively say no and feel good about it
  • You will learn how to effectively manage criticism

This course uses active learning, evolving all participants and providing additional simulations where you can practice and reinforce your new knowledge in everyday life. It has a very good track record of success, benefiting over 100 people to date.

For more information on all upcoming classes and training, visit https://mymind.org/courses-training/

Assertiveness training

Date: 16.07.2016, Saturday (10am – 3pm)

Fee: 80.00 (Discount available with coupon code)

Location: 1 Chelmsford Road, Ranelagh, Dublin 6

Facilitators: Karolina Jurasik and Anna Nauka

Stress management – 2 hours course

Date: 19.07.2016, Tuesday (7pm – 9pm)
Fee: 50.00 (Discount available with coupon code)
Location: 7a Store Street, Dublin 1
Facilitators: Karolina Jurasik and Anna Nauka

Personal development – Half day training

Date: 23.07.2016, Saturday (10am – 3pm)
Fee: 80.00 (Discount available with coupon code)
Location: 1 Chelmsford Road, Ranelagh, Dublin 6
Facilitators: Karolina Jurasik and Anna Nauka