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Brian Cooper

Brian Cooper


Qualification: Pre-accredited Member IACP - M14098

Location: Wexford – Local

Next Available Appointment: 10:00 18 April 2024

Face To Face

Face to Face






Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy , Person-Centred Therapy

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Individual Session

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About me:

As a counsellor and therapist, Brian possesses a unique combination of professional skills, personal qualities, and a genuine commitment to supporting others on their journey towards emotional well-being. He is a compassionate and empathetic individual, demonstrating a deep understanding of the complexities of the human experience. His ability to listen actively and without judgment creates a safe and trusting space for clients. He is skilled at building rapport, fostering a therapeutic alliance that encourages open communication and collaboration.

Brian is a fully qualified counsellor and therapist and holds a BSc (Hons) in Counselling & Psychotherapy. This provides him with a solid foundation in psychological theories, counselling techniques, and ethical practices. While his training is based in Humanistic, Person-Centered Therapy, Brian takes an integrative approach to counselling, drawing on other therapeutic modalities as appropriate. This approach considers the uniqueness of each client and helps to meet their specific needs and preferences. Brian’s aim is to empower his clients to develop coping mechanisms, improve self-awareness, and ultimately achieve their therapeutic goals.

Ethical considerations play a central role in Brian’s practice, and he prioritises confidentiality, respect, and the well-being of his clients. He is a pre-accredited member of the IACP and is bound by their comprehensive Code of Ethics.






Bereavement / Loss

Domestic Violence / Abuse

Isolation / Loneliness

Relationship issues

Self Care




Work Issues, Work/Life balance