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FREE Counselling Project

FREE Counselling Project

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to place significant pressure on the good mental health of Irish society, including our frontline health workers and those in industries significantly disrupted by the pandemic, such as the arts, entertainment and hospitality sectors.

Getting help and staying connected are very important factors in maintaining good mental health. Talking to a qualified professional is a proven and effective way of dealing with problems of stress or anxiety.

That’s why MyMind is pleased to once again be able to offer free counselling sessions throughout 2022.

These sessions are available free of charge to people living in Ireland and who have been affected by Covid. In addition, we are keen to ensure that these free counselling supports are available to those who may not otherwise be able to avail of it, such as those facing significant economic hardship, those struggling with long-term illness and full-time carers.

All counselling appointments delivered through this project will be provided by MyMind and will be carried out online via video call, phone call or face to face. To learn more about the service, please visit:

Details of the programme

To be eligible for the free counselling sessions you need to be aged 18 or over, you need to live in Ireland and identify with at least one of the below::

✓ Present with Covid-19 related mental health issues (e.g. bereavement, social isolation/cocooning, long-term Covid related illness, stress, depression, anxiety, loneliness, etc.);

✓ Work or have worked in the creative arts, entertainment and hospitality sectors that have been significantly disrupted by Covid-19;

✓ Be a front-line worker in a medical setting (e.g. HSE staff, nursing home staff, paramedic, public health worker, GP etc.);

✓ Be living with long-term chronic illness or be a full-time carer;

✓ Be facing financial hardship where our low-income service is outside of their financial reach.

To avail of the free sessions, please register with MyMind. We will ask you for your contact details, information around eligibility and some questions related to your mental health, to help us assess how best we can support you. Please select “Free Counselling Project” at the end of the registration process.

Get started

If you are not eligible, we do have other options. Click here for more information.

If you’re already a MyMind client, call us or talk to your therapist.

There is no requirement for a GP referral.

Free children and adolescent appointments may also be offered, but are limited to parental support, and not working with the child directly.

Terms and condition:

The client accepts the Terms & Conditions associated with the service prior to attending the first session which in addition to the normal T&Cs for service include:

  1. Clients who completed 15 or more free appointments under the Covid-19 Project in 2020/21 are not eligible for free appointments under the 2022 free counselling project;
  2. Client accepts that free of charge appointments are offered on a first come first served basis and that the overall number of appointments available under the scheme is limited. Free online appointments are, at all times, SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY;
  3. Clients can avail of a maximum of 6 free appointments under the 2022 project, unless specific needs require further sessions, as assessed by a therapist;
  4. A maximum of 2 appointments can be booked in advance at any one time.
  5. The project is expected to run throughout 2022, however, the allocation of free appointments is limited and therefore may close for new registrations early. This will be clearly communicated on MyMind’s website.
  6. Clients may cancel appointments up to 24 hours before the appointment is due to begin with no penalty. Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice are deemed a Late Cancellation/No Show. Clients with an aggregate of two Late Cancellations/No Shows will be removed from the Project and will no longer be eligible for free of charge appointments;
  7. If the Project is fully subscribed, Clients who wish to continue treatment may convert to regular client status and avail of the standard fee service applicable to their circumstances;
  8. MyMind reserves the right to amend any of the above terms and conditions at any time.


MyMind is committed at every level and in all aspects of the service it offers to provide a confidential service to all those who are seeking mental health support. Confidentiality is between the individual and the organisation and between the individual and the mental health professional. For more information see
Further terms and conditions can be found on:

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