Marriage is one of the most significant steps you will ever take in your life.

The commitment you make in marriage will be just as real on the day you are not feeling so good about your partner or yourself.

In the run up to marriage, it is natural to get caught up in the anticipation and hectic planning of the big day.

However, it is important to put some time aside just for you and your partner, to discuss your expectations, concerns and hopes for the life you’ll share together in marriage.

A marriage preparation course at MyMind is a great way to give yourself and your partner the space to do just that.

It’s a time, just for the two of you, to share your thoughts and fears, and to prepare for what lays ahead after you say ‘I Do’, with guidance and support from an experienced psychologist at MyMind.

Course content

First session – 100 min.
Two in a marriage: Expectations, needs and families of origin
Building friendship and closeness: Rituals of connection

Second session – 100 min.
Managing conflict
Intimacy and sex

Third session – 100 min.
Parenting and children

In the first module, we will be looking at expectations and needs that partners have in the relationship and how to express them in a helpful and non-threatening way. We will also discuss the subject of families of origin, exploring potential difficulties, if any.

Then we will be moving to a very important aspect of every relationship, the foundation really – friendship between partners. We will be giving a couple specific guidance and exercises that they can use in order to enhance and nourish their closeness.

In the second module we will be looking at managing conflicts, specifically improving clear and assertive communication, expressing needs and techniques helpful in conflict resolution. We will also discuss intimacy and sex.

The third module is devoted to the subject of parenting, fertility and kids, allowing partners to explore their needs and values in this area of relationship and encourage safe and intimate discussion.

Date: Open
Fee: 255.00 EUR per couple (3 x 100 min sessions)
Location: 1 Chelmsford Road, Ranelagh, Dublin 6
Facilitators: Karolina Jurasik or Anna Nauka

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