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Margherita La Gioia

Margherita La Gioia

Creative art therapist

Qualification: Fully accredited member of IACAT - 1144

Location: Dublin 8

Next Available Appointment: 15:00 03 October 2022

Face To Face

Face to Face


Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy , Gestalt Therapy , Person-Centred Therapy , Creative Art Therapy

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Children & Adolescents, Individual Session

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About me:

Margherita La Gioia is a professionally qualified Art Therapist and has full accreditation with I.A.C.A.T. (Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists). She holds a Master's Degree in Art Therapy, a Certificate in Psychology, as well as a Degree in artistic studies. She also trained as a NLP practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and as a Special Needs Assistant.

Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses the medium of art to enable people of all ages to access feelings and thoughts that may be difficult to be expressed verbally. In art therapy previous artistic experience or artistic skills are not necessary.

Margherita provides individual art therapy sessions both in English and Italian. She adopts a person-centred approach, in which she values the uniqueness of each individual and their abilities, difficulties and strenghts, in a safe and non-judgemental space, ensuring that the person is fully heard and seen as they are.
She meets and support each individual with compassion, acceptance, respect and unconditional positive regard, during their unique healing journey, providing a confidential and warm space, where a person can re-discover and re-connect with acceptance with who they are, and integrate that awareness and self-compassion to foster groundedness, balance and overall well-being in their life.

Margherita’s therapeutic approach aims also to support the development and strenghtening of self-agency and self-empowerment in each person. Margherita strongly believes that each individual has the right and the opportunity to make choices at all times and find meaning through them, according with their personality, wishes and value system, in a way that can impact positively their life journey.

She recognises the importance for all individuals to be able to integrate mind and body in their life experiences. In her art therapy practice, Margherita uses a holistic approach and includes meditation and gentle movement into the sessions.
Margherita works in line with the IACAT Code of Ethics. She sets clear boundaries in her work, where confidentiality, safety and respect are paramount in the therapeutic relationship. Margherita adheres to the Child Protection guidelines and child safeguarding.

Margherita supports people of all ages through individual face- to- face art therapy sessions. She provides individual sessions for children starting from five years old. Margherita is available both for short term (minimum of 8 sessions) and long term therapeutic work.
Margherita has experience in a variety of setting in relation to mental health care and support. The areas that she has worked in include:

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Autism
• Dementia
• Grief and Loss
• Trauma and post traumatic stress
• Bullying
• Self-esteem difficulties
• Self-care


English , Italian




Bereavement / Loss


Self Care