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Kevin Sludds

Kevin Sludds

Trainee Psychotherapist

Qualification: Student member of APCP - MBR 11077

Location: Dublin 6

Next Available Appointment: 13:00 08 December 2021

Face To Face

Face to Face


Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy

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Individual Session

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About me:

Qualifications: BA (Hons.), M.Phil. and Ph.D. - he is also working towards an MA in Counselling & Psychotherapy
Approaches: Existential, Humanistic, Integrative

Kevin has worked as a philosophical counsellor specialising in the area of philosophy of mind, emotion analysis and existentialism, he is a full professor of philosophy and has taught at Trinity College Dublin, Maynooth University and IT Sligo. Kevin has written a number of books including Emotions: Their Cognitive Base & Ontological Importance and has been an invited speaker at international conferences on topics related to mental illness, emotions and moods, depression, grief and wellbeing.

The model of therapeutic engagement Kevin follows is founded on deeply humanistic principles and his core belief that therapy should always be guided by genuine care and compassion. Each client is recognised as a unique individual with a capacity for growth and is provided with a safe space to both speak and be genuinely heard. The therapeutic relationship which develops with a client is wholly non-judgemental, respectful and dynamic leading to greater in-depth understanding for the client of their life situation and challenges. New insights and possibilities begin to emerge through their close working engagement, strengthening self-awareness for the client and helping the process of positive change.

Kevin offers Individual session to clients 18 years and over and is available for both short or long-term therapy.

Kevin works with clients presenting with:
Bereavement and coping with loss
Work-life balance
Relationship issues





Bereavement / Loss


Isolation / Loneliness

Relationship issues


Work Issues, Work/Life balance