An interview with Stephen Watkins

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Stephen Watkins

This month, we will be talking with MyMind counselling psychologist Stephen Watkins about CBT, the nature-nurture debate and the little white lies we tell ourselves about our bad habits. Why did you get into psychology? My brother has autism. How he interacts in certain situations is fascinating to me. I’ve always wondered how his mind works in comparison to mine … Read More

Why I chose an Internship at MyMind

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I have, for as long as I can remember, been interested in the behaviour, emotions and thoughts of others and myself. I am constantly introspective of my actions and emotions – monitoring how I behave and asking myself why I am feeling or acting in a certain way. If a situation arose where someone acted strangely, I would be the … Read More

An interview with Beatriz Moreno

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Each month, we will be bringing you an interview with one of our mental health professional team. This month, we’re talking to MyMind psychologist Beatriz Moreno. What attracted you to psychology?  I was always very interested in psychology. When I was a child, I wanted to be a nurse and then a doctor – I was always interested in helping … Read More