MyMind video series: Stephen Watkins


Stephen Watkins

In the fourth instalment of the MyMind video series, our Cork-based psychologist Stephen Watkins talks about the workings and benefits of CBT and the factors that could deter someone from getting the support they need. “The biggest barrier that I’ve repeatedly come across is that people who come to therapy think for some reason that they’re wrong or unusual or … Read More

What is Psychoanalysis?


When we hear the word ‘psychoanalysis’, what thoughts spring to mind? Freud? Childhood? Delving into our deepest thoughts and feelings?  Of course, there’s a lot more to psychoanalysis than that. While psychoanalysis was one of the earliest forms of therapy, do we know what it’s all about? Psychoanalysis is based on the work of Sigmund Freud, who believed that the … Read More

An interview with Beatriz Moreno

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Each month, we will be bringing you an interview with one of our mental health professional team. This month, we’re talking to MyMind psychologist Beatriz Moreno. What attracted you to psychology?  I was always very interested in psychology. When I was a child, I wanted to be a nurse and then a doctor – I was always interested in helping … Read More

An interview with Karolina Jurasik

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Karolina Jurasik

As part of our series of monthly interview with the MyMind mental health professionals team, we are talking to Psychologist Karolina Jurasik.  Why did you become a Psychologist? What attracted me to the area of Psychology was people. I was very interested in how people see things and how things are perceived differently by everyone because of individual experiences.  I … Read More