MyMind supports more than ever this winter

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MyMind has supported a record number of people this winter. 

MyMind, which has centres in Dublin, Limerick and Cork, provided 1,798 appointments in November alone.

This is compared to 1,226 appointments made by clients in the same month last year – a growth of almost 47%.

An incredible 15,725 appointments have been made by MyMind clients so far this year.

MyMind CEO Krystian Fikert said, “Winter can be a difficult time for many of us. The shorter days and bad weather can really take its toll on our wellbeing. If you are feeling low, anxious, stressed or lonely, a seemingly neverending winter can make us feel worse and more isolated. We may feel completely spent by the end of a difficult year, and be ready to reach out for help before a new year begins.”

“Christmas is usually a time of happiness and family but it can be a very busy and stressful time of year that can be tough on your mental wellbeing,” said Mr Fikert.

“If you’ve had a bereavement or are struggling with the pain of loss, you may be dreading Christmas and want to avoid the cheer that comes with it.  Any special occasion or ‘first’ can be difficult to cope with when you are bereaved and can each bring their own challenges,” he said.

“At MyMind, we encourage everyone to talk about any feelings or issues they may be struggling with, either to a loved one or to a professional.

“We are delighted to have been able to help more people than ever before this year. The record increase in appointments also shows that the stigma around asking for help is slowly but surely breaking down in Ireland. The more accessible our services are, the easier it is for people to get the help they need, when they need it, “ said Mr Fikert