Sexual orientation

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Sexual Orientation

Many of us are curious about our own sexual orientation. It’s sometimes not an easy thing to determine, define or even talk about.

It’s nobody’s business but your own. Some of us take longer than others to figure things out, or simply don’t align with one sexual identity, which is totally fine.

However, if you are confused about your own sexual orientation, or want to talk to someone about feeling and thoughts around your sexuality, we can help.

Counselling for sexual orientation is offered by MyMind from a wide range of therapeutic backgrounds and approaches. 

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Non-judgemental approaches such as client centred therapy may prove helpful to anyone who have sexuality issues. 

While some people are aware of their orientation from an early age, others need time to make sense of their feelings and desires. It can be uncomfortable for some people to express their sexual orientation, especially if they are fearful that their friends and family will judge them, treat them differently, or even reject them.

Unfortunately, sometimes these fears are not unfounded. Therefore, it can be helpful for the person to seek support and guidance from a professional, trained to provide emotional support and advice. MyMind’s team of non-judgemental counsellors can help and assist individuals who are experiencing difficulty discovering or expressing their sexual orientation. Below is a list of our professionals experienced in this type of counselling.

If you want to talk to someone about your sexual orientation, we can help and you can have your first appointment with us within 72 hours.

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