Sarah’s story

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MyMind Ambassador Sarah generously shares the story of her own mental health, and talks about how MyMind helped her see herself in a whole new way.

The films that satisfy me the most (apart from almost everything with Meg Ryan or Julia Roberts, sshhh…) are those that end with the story being retold by a detective or lawyer who has taken the trouble to reassemble the facts and to remove unhelpful assumptions that had previously bound those facts together.

The same information comes together as a very different story from what had seemed certain up to then.

Hope is natural

Recently, along with hundreds of thousands of people around the world, I tuned in online to join a “Global Meditation for Compassion” led by Deepak Chopra. Before the meditation began, he spoke about the natural unity of all living beings, a unity that is only obstructed by our minds. He said that if we can clear our minds of whatever toxic misapprehensions are holding us back from lives of purpose and compassion, then we are truly becoming part of the infinite flow of hope and prosperity that is ready and waiting for our engagement.

Hope I didn’t lose you there?

Back to my mind, and MyMind. Can I ask you to think of my mind, up to this year, as a filter, but the opposite of a filter?

“My mind was like a dirty window, through which reality passed and appeared with me always at fault, always falling short, always to blame for whatever failed or fell on its face. I saw myself as bad news, unlucky, a loser.”

The hope she helped me see

I was prejudiced against myself, and that prejudice was so ingrained that I could not ever recognize that the prejudice was even there. Weekly skilled interventions on the part of my therapist started to poke holes in the prejudice and progressively, logically, annihilate it. €20 a week, imagine.

Like the perceived villain at the end of the film, whose good traits are suddenly visible having been there all the time, I walk free now. It took no magic and no miracles. I meditate and work out almost every day; I value this clarity and am happy to put effort into maintaining the clean window of my mind.

I got my happy ending.