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‘All you need is love’. This may be true, but it doesn’t mean you don’t sometimes have to work at it.

Relationship problems can occur for many reasons and all relationships (family, friends or couples) require work, such as communication, compromise and compassion. No relationship runs smoothly all of the time. It is extremely rare for couples or families to experience no bumps along the road.

Relationship problems with your spouse, family, co-workers, or friends affect your personal growth, success and wellbeing. If we recognise this and try to manoeuvre through the difficult times together, then it is possible to remain together in a warm and loving relationship.

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Some relationships unfortunately do come to an end and the reasons can be many.

Relationship break-up can create a range of powerful emotions:

  • fear uncertainty for the future
  • anger
  • sadness
  • loneliness and isolation
  • sense of failure.

It can be difficult to adjust to new circumstances and this can affect our mental health. Relationship counselling can be offered as a means of examining our patterns of interaction with those around us.  How we interact can have profound effects on our lives, and through counselling we can help to construct more valuable relationships with colleagues, friends or intimate partners.

Through counselling we begin to learn new skills and make conscious choices that value self esteem and manage conflict. At MyMind our team of relationship therapists can use Transactional Analysis and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as just two of a vast array of therapeutic approaches to help individuals connect with those around them and maintain constructive, healthy relationships.

Couple counselling may also be useful to investigate problems and create solutions to our intimate relationships. 

MyMind provides couples and individual sessions around relationship issues across four centres in Dublin, Limerick or Cork or online via video chat.

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