Alcohol and your mental health

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St. Patrick’s Day, the day where everyone wears green and becomes a little bit Irish. Whether you call him St. Paddy, St. Pat or Lá Fhéile Pádraig, it doesn’t matter, everyone is welcome to celebrate. This inclusion is one of the many positive aspects of being Irish, as we are known for being one of the friendliest people in the … Read More

MyMind Video Series: Patrick Fitzgerald

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Patrick Fitzgerald

Next up in the MyMind video series, Limerick-based therapist Patrick Fitzgerald talks about rural isolation in Ireland and why it is important to look after your mental health. “Rural isolation is the growing of loneliness that’s being experienced by communities” Patrick explains. If you wish to avail of the online or face-to-face services discussed by Patrick, please call us on … Read More

International Women’s Day

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Happy International Women’s Day! Today, we acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of women socially, environmentally, politically, culturally and economically. Since 1911, women have spent this day telling their stories, reflecting on their journey in a bid to inspire other women but also to call for gender equality. As George-Hilley (2015) stated “International Women’s Day is a positive force for celebration, … Read More

How to talk to a loved one with an eating disorder

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National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (#NEDAW17) is coming to a close. The theme of this years campaign is “It’s Time to Talk About It” in an effort to open the conversation around eating disorders and reduce the stigma. Eating disorders are characterised by irregular patterns of eating. Among the most common examples of disorders include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and … Read More

MyMind video series: Claire Forde

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Claire Forde

Continuing on from the MyMind video series, Limerick-based therapist Claire Forde talks about the person-centred approach and how counselling can help someone dealing with bereavement and loss. “People seek counselling because they want to change certain aspects of their lives that are just not working for them anymore,” says Claire. If Claire can help you with any issues you’re experiencing, … Read More

How to manage self-expectations

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“New year, new me”. Sound familiar? I thought so. This term seems to be more popular at the start of a new year or season. Even as we head into the third month of the year, this expectation is still continuous. We live such complex lives that we tend to use a set of standards and assumptions to inform our … Read More

The road to a more assertive you

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We are human and humans are sociable animals. Communication forms the foundation of our interactions everyday, so it is important that this communication works effectively. But some of us find this communication more difficult than others. Becoming more assertive helps with this shyness around communication. But what does this being assertive actually mean? Collins dictionary defines an assertive person as … Read More

Wellness Wednesday at MyMind Limerick

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Do you run around at lunchtime trying to find that magic food or caffeine that will give you the boost of energy you so need to get you through the afternoon? Maybe, what you really need is a rest! MyMind and YogaLife Limerick have teamed up to bring you Wellness Wednesday! Join us for an informal and enjoyable mindful meditation … Read More

5 steps to a healthier relationship

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While Valentine’s Day is a prime opportunity to show your partner how you feel, it is also important to show your affection on the other 364 days of the year. Every relationship will have it’s ups and downs, nobody is perfect. What’s important is to not let the “downs” keep you down. To finish off our Valentine’s blog series, here’s … Read More

Combatting insecurities in your relationship

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Now that we know how to boost our self-esteem going into a relationship, what do we do when we get there? No matter how much we learn to love ourselves, we all have moments of insecurity where we think, “Do they find me annoying. I look fat in this. I’ll get hurt if I let them in”. As human beings … Read More