New year, so what?

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It’s another new year.

And so what?

The pressure to transform overnight, to resolve all of life’s issues, and to become a new ‘you’, just because the clock struck midnight on December 31st, can feel overwhelming.

In 2019, why not let off of the pressure to change and simply ‘be’ instead.

Life is a journey, and a new year is a continuation of this journey. Long and messy, and full of inconsistencies, setbacks and emotional potholes.

Maybe this is the year that you simply put yourself first. Maybe you can let go of any expectations to be, feel or act a certain way. Maybe you can explore blocking out the pressure to be a better version of yourself.

That said, if there are things you would like to do to empower yourself, to develop as a person, and to learn, go for it!

If this is the year you’re thinking of starting therapy, get in touch with MyMind. If you want to start a course, learn to cook, explore a new relationship, try a new look, travel more – do it!

Just do it on your own terms.

Make these changes for yourself, and not anyone else or how you think others want you to be.

Set boundaries. ‘No’ can be the most powerful word in the dictionary.

Remove toxic people and unhealthy relationships from your life.

Let go of old grudges, especially the unfair and harsh feelings you hold towards yourself. Forgive yourself, love yourself every day (not only on occasion) and keep moving forward.

Happy New Year to all of lovely readers.

Remember, January 1st means very little. It’s what we do and how we treat ourselves for the other 364 days that counts.

Make them yours.