The Breadth of a Country Walk

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Mindful walking means walking with a deliberate intention, focus and attitude.

It is noticing without attachment, as best we can, our unfolding experience in an open, curious way. On a mindful walk we don’t judge ourselves or others. We stand back from our reactions, and respond gently to what comes our way.

In May 2015, chartered psychologist, teacher and author Hugh O’Donovan completed a mindful fundraising walk for MyMind, from Mizen Head to Malin Head.

That was PART 1 of a challenge he set himself to walk the length and breadth of the country.

On Friday 11th August next, he will set out from Galway on PART 2 of that challenge, to walk to Dublin, along the Grand Canal Trail, again raising funds for MyMind and raising awareness of mental health as he journies.

Hugh will again travel for the most part unsupported. He will be joined  by a former army collegue in support for ex-servicemen in Ireland.

His only plan is to walk but with some purpose each day and in so doing engage mindfully with the unfolding experience. If it is anything like the last walk through the length of the country, it will indeed be memorable.

The journey will take as long as it takes. He will carry the wherewithal (Lightweight tent / sleeping bag and mat / provisions) to sustain himself as necessary. However, again, he will not refuse the kindness of strangers should they wish to share their story or offer him a bed along the way wherever he stops for the day.

Anyone who wishes to join Hugh along the route at any point and walk whatever distance they chose is most welcome!

To support Hugh’s fundraising efforts for MyMind, please donate on the Just Giving page here.

Best of luck Hugh! We’re behind you every step of the way!