Mental wellbeing at work

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As we promote physical health and wellness for Workplace Wellbeing Day 2016, we need to also remember how important positive mental wellbeing is to our happiness at work 

Launching Workplace Wellbeing Day 2016 today, Minister for Health Leo Varadkar, emphasised the importance of wellbeing in the workplace for productivity:

“A healthy workplace is a happier and more productive workplace… We spend so much of our lives at work that it makes sense for so many reasons to foster a healthy workplace. It creates a happier environment, reduces sick leave, increases productivity, and helps to beat the Monday blues.”

The demands of the modern workplace can leave employees feeling overwhelmed, stressed and struggling to concentrate. When employee wellbeing is low, productivity is negatively affected.

Promoting the mental wellbeing of employees can improve employee commitment, job satisfaction, productivity and performance and even reduce staff absenteeism.

According to the 2008 HSA Workplace Health and Wellbeing Strategy, there is clear evidence showing that the promotion of health in the workplace is effective:

“In addition to the beneficial impact on the health of individual employees, organisations that have implemented health promotion programmes gain other related benefits, including increased productivity, improved morale, more motivated employees, improved company profile and enhanced ability to attract employees.”

MyMind is a mental health organisation that recognises the impact of mental wellbeing on work productivity and job satisfaction. The MyMind at Work programme helps employees manage some of the emotional barriers that can prevent them from thriving in their places of work.

MyMind at Work helps to develop mental fitness in the workplace through a series of talks, seminars and workshops. The programmes that are offered provide employees with the skills and tools to improve their focus, productivity and overall wellbeing.

Mental health is a huge part of wellbeing in the workplace. This year, on Workplace Wellbeing Day, promote the importance of mental wellbeing! All employees should be equipped with the skills they need to work to their full potential.

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