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Marriage Preparation Course

Updated: 01 January 2020

Marriage Preparation Course

What is our course?

The Marriage Preparation Course we provide is both research-based and immensely practical. It is developed by our expert psychologists who specialise in couple therapy;  Anna Nauka and Karolina Jurasik-Bodys

Essentially, we provide a guidance course for couples which will allow them the space to reflect on different aspects of their relationship. What we pride ourselves in, is that our course is developed from the everyday experience of working with various couples. The content of the course is grounded not only in current theories but also in up-to-date research which makes it interesting and easy to connect to. 

Course attributes:

  • Impartial and non-religious;

  • Couples focused & tailored to your needs (not a group setting);

  • Filled with engaging presentations and practical exercises;

  • For couples of every age, ability and sexual orientation

Our one-to-two approach guarantees that all your questions will be answered and our suggestions will be suited to your individual needs. During the course, you will be given plenty of handouts so that you can practice at home. 

How is the course laid out?

The course is set out over three 100 minutes sessions, to be scheduled on three different days. The availability of the course is also flexible to suit the couple’s schedules. The sessions can be carried out both daytime and evenings from Monday - Saturday, at either our Dublin 1 (Store St), Dublin 8 (Christchurch) or Dublin 6 (Rathmines) centres. The course can also be provided in one day for those travelling from different cities or for other practical reasons.

How can I register? 

Although every effort is made to ensure that you could attend the course at the most convenient date, please be advised that it is best to book at least 2-3 months in advance. Due to the popularity of our course, it tends to get booked up very quickly.

  • Contact us via email:

  • The cost of the course is €324 in total (one-week advance full payment required). 

  • A certificate of attendance is provided on completion of the course.

What to be expected?

The content of the course is organised into three segments, but we welcome your suggestions and feedback, so contact us if you have any queries at all. 

First session:

  • Two in a marriage: expectations, needs and roles 

  • Building friendship and closeness; rituals of connection    

In the first module, we will be looking at expectations and needs that partners have in the relationship and how to express them in a helpful and non-threatening way. Then we will be moving to a very important aspect of every relationship, the foundation really - friendship.

Second session 

  • Healthy and effective communication

  • Managing conflict

In the second module, we will be looking at managing conflict, specifically improving clear and assertive communication as well as expressing needs and techniques helpful during conflicts. We will also investigate different strategies that help couples in difficult times and make them resilient should any problems arise.

Third session

  • Intimacy and sex

  • Families of origin, fertility and children

The third module consists of two parts. First one focuses on the subject of intimacy and maintaining a healthy and satisfactory sex life. The second part is devoted to the subject of parenting, fertility and kids. Here we will also discuss the subject of families of origin exploring potential difficulties, if any. 

Important: The second part of this module is optional as we recognize that not all of the couples would share a dream of having children.

Course Reviews

Many couples have benefited from attending our Marriage Preparation Course. Here’s what some of them have said about the workshop.

‘’Thank you for doing the course with us! It was really enjoyable and helpful and we look forward to look over all the material provided, so we can have a happy marriage.’’ - Participant - Dublin 2018

‘’That was great, thank you! I was a bit sceptical to sign up at first, but it was really practical and useful. I think it helped us to understand each other better already and am sure we will incorporate many suggestions into our everyday life.’’ - Participant - Dublin 2019 


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