Introducing Maggie May


My name is Maggie May and I am delighted to be a new resident blogger for MyMind. Introducing Maggie May MyMind

When I first heard about MyMind two years ago when they opened in Limerick, I really wanted to get involved. At the time I wasn’t sure what I would have to contribute and I was too shy to find out.

However the last two years of my life have been a roller coaster in terms of my professional and personal development as I train to be a psychotherapist. I left my job for an adventure to India to train as a yoga instructor and found my way onto the set of Vikings as a movie extra. Now I know more of who I am and what I have to share and I am so excited to be partnering with MyMind to do so.

My personal experience of psychotherapy initiated my passion for it. For me, it gave me a type of support I had never previously experienced and then an ongoing space within which to be myself. Having had this experience I wanted to share it with everyone I knew, I wanted everyone to try it out! This brought me face to face with the reality that psychotherapy is something that the majority of people knew very little about. I was reminded of this recently when I heard that a relative thought I was studying to be a psychic!

Jokes aside, it really hit home for me about the challenge of opening not only the world of psychotherapy but more importantly of self growth and healing.

This reality is what drew me to MyMind. As an organisation that uses the power of technology to make mental health services more accessible, it stood out to me as being aligned to the times we live in. I know myself that Google is so often my first port of call for so many of my questions. I believe that being able to access MyMind online gives a real sense of empowerment during a time that may otherwise feel very out of one’s control.

Through MyMind, I hope to be contributing to the blog and also holding Yoga and Mindfulness based events in the brand new premises on O’Connell Street, the first of which is on their Open Morning in Limerick on the 8th of April.

I am passionate about the empowerment of individuals in the creation of their own wellness and health particularly as it relates to strengthening mental health and awareness. I have found that Yoga is a fantastic, established framework to support this ethos a discovery which spurred me on to go to India.

At its core, Yoga means union. This integrative way of viewing ourselves is something that can be easily lost in our society as we so often struggle to connect the dots between physical and psychological wellness and vice versa. This learned tendency often means that we lose ourselves in the process.

Similar to psychotherapy, Yoga (through breath-work, meditation or/and asanas) empowers us to realise that we already know what it is that we need.  I believe that this is one of the most important lessons we can learn in our lifetime, particularly as adults.

So that is a little bit about who I am and what I am passionate about. I hope that my contributions to MyMind will be largely informed by what it is that you the reader would like to read and know more about, so please feel free to comment with suggestions!

If you’re interested in trying out a Yoga class, you can find me at YogalifeLimerick on Facebook and if you’d like to read more on the link between psychological and physical wellness in terms of eating behaviour, check out my article here

Maggie May will be holding a special breathing workshop at the MyMind Limerick (50 O’Connell Streeet) Open Morning on Friday, 8th April. The Open Morning runs from 10am-12noon, with the workshop taking place from 10:30am-11.15am. All are welcome!