INTERVIEW: Better lives with MyMind

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This July, MyMind has a team of experts hosting a range of workshops and courses that will teach you the tools needed to help you meet the challenges life throws your way.

Read this interview with MyMind therapists Karolina Jurasik and Anna Nauka about their experience of delivering workshops and how even one course can make a big difference to your emotional and mental wellbeing.

You will deliver a number of workshops in the coming weeks, focusing on assertiveness, stress management and personal development. Can you tell me a bit about your experience to date of giving workshops together?

We have much experience creating and delivering workshops and courses on communication and assertiveness together. We also share an experience of conducting workshops on body image. As a team, we had an opportunity to run different workshops to over 200 people. We both think that group learning is a great way to develop new skills and an opportunity to learn how to use a psychological knowledge in everyday life. We believe that the success of our partnership is rooted in sharing a similar approach towards group work as well as experience of working together. As a team, we have always received a positive feedback from the participants and we could see their progress.

One of the main themes running throughout your series of workshops is effective communication. To what extend do you believe effective communication can influence our everyday lives?

We believe that communication is an essential skill in everybody’s life. We have to talk to others everywhere we go. To have relationships with people is one of the most basic and important human needs. It is impossible to avoid communicating if we want to maintain positive relationships with others.  A lack of positive, healthy communication affects every aspect of our life. That is the reason we think it is so important to communicate in a proper, effective way. If we want to have a satisfying relationship with family, partner or co-workers, we need to have an ability to communicate, by expressing our needs, feelings and thoughts. Effective communication has a very direct, visible influence on our quality of life. By changing even small habits, we can actually feel the difference.

What advice would you give to someone who might benefit from these workshops but might feel too anxious or shy to sign up? What can people expect from the “simulations” part of the workshops?

We think that workshops are a great opportunity to practice social skills especially for people who are a bit shy or feel anxious about group work. Creating a friendly and open atmosphere in a group is very important for us. We try to ensure that each participant feels comfortable enough to freely express their views and take part in exercises. On every workshop we have run together, we apply the rule of confidentiality and non-judgement. Integration activities are a large part of group work from the very beginning. The simulation part is designed to replicate the everyday situations. At this time, participants work in a smaller teams, which takes off the pressure of performing in front of the whole group. Everybody is invited to discuss and present the results of their work or to share their opinions, but this is entirely voluntary.

Can you give us some examples of the positive feedback you have received in the past for your workshops?

Participants were usually very satisfied with active learning methods we are using in our workshops. They liked the way we were working together and atmosphere we created: safe, full of acceptance with space and time for doubts and discussion. They had a chance to look at their behaviours and habits from different angles and as a result they could find the obstacles which were limiting them. People were grateful, because by taking a part in the workshops, they could learn practical skills, useful in their everyday life.  

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