Infertility Support Group

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Women living with infertility have been welcomed to a new MyMind support group this month.

MyMind Cork has started a new group for women who are struggling to conceive.

The group takes place at MyMind 9 Dyke Parade every Saturdayfrom 4:00pm to 5:00pm.

The cost of attending this group is €20 per person with a maximum number of six per group, an four person minimal to take place.

MyMind counsellor and group facilitator Georgia Cashman said, “I am an experienced professional counsellor working with MyMind Cork in different areas of counselling, one of which is the area of infertility.  I have both personal and professional experience in this area and I am very familiar with the different emotions that a person can experience while on a journey through infertility.

“While I offer one to one counselling for people experiencing fertility issues, I’m aware that this may not always be an option for people undergoing fertility treatment due to cost and the need to keep costs down in many circumstances.

“My aim is to provide a safe, confidential space for any woman experiencing fertility issues to explore the many different emotions that can arise from the life crisis of infertility.

“I aim to also provide support to women contemplating or undergoing any aspect of fertility treatment to include support during the decision making process around the types of interventions that may be appropriate and continued support during and after treatment, especially with the uncertainty of outcomes of respective treatment.”

Speaking of the benefits of the support group, Georgia said, “A support group can be beneficial at certain points in the infertility experience.  One of the most important benefits of participating in a support group is a decrease in the sense of isolation so many people feel when they are experiencing fertility issues.  I provide the opportunity for women to connect and share their experiences in a peer to peer support. “

“My approach is that “one size does not fit all” when it comes to fertility issues as fertility problems have a wide range of possible origins and a wide range of possible resolutions, so therefore everyone is treated as an individual, on a unique journey of their own.  I believe that anyone experiencing fertility issues should have access to affordable professional support and I look forward to meeting you in the support group,” said Georgia

To secure your place, call or text Georgia at 087 991 5399 or call the MyMind office at 076 680 1060.