MyMind Cork to host Group Therapy in 2019

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MyMind will be running group therapy meetings in Cork every Wednesday. The start date will be set to suit the majority of attendees.

What is group therapy?

Group therapy is based on the fact that most of the psychological and physical difficulties people have in their lives are clearly reflected in the nature of their relationships with others.

What are the unique benefits of group therapy?

There are dynamic forces within the group that promote a healing change. We all have learned to act and respond in certain ways due to our own experiences with close interpersonal groups. These early patterns are often applied in adult relationships throughout our life. Despite our good intentions, these early, learned ways are often not helpful for adult happiness. The “here and now” (process based exploration) of group therapy encourages us to observe those responses. Long-enough reflective engagement (group therapy) provides us with resources to formulate them anew.

Who will be running the group?

The group will be facilitated by two experienced therapists, 
Andrea Nagy & Alessio Faggioli,ensuring a safe, holding and non- judgmental environment for all members. Their expertise combined provides you with a nourishing therapeutic environment.

How do I know whether group therapy is for me?

Symptoms such as anxiety, unhappiness, poor self-esteem, or a general sense of dissatisfaction with life can usually be resolved through experiential learning in the safe environment of group therapy.

What can I expect?

Preparation: Group therapy is different from individual therapy because many of the helpful events take place between members, not just between the therapists and the members. It is important for all members to have a preparation (informal meeting prior to starting the group with both therapists). This session will allow you to have a personal sense of your therapists. We also assess that group therapy is the suitable therapeutic input in response to your needs. We explain the Group Guidelines, and give you information on how to get the most out of your group experience.

Safe environment: Human beings have an instinctive need to belong to a group. Group therapy provides a sense of belonging, acceptance and validation. We will be working with you in a closed group setting, which means that the same members will meet regularly throughout the set period of time. This allows for cohesiveness and facilitates members to really take ownership of the group.

Gaining insight: You can become aware of the consequences of unhelpful thinking and behaviours, and learn that in spite of adverse life experiences and circumstances, you can still choose how you react. Whilst coming to understand the role of your past, you learn new ways to claim your own present and future.

You can register and pay for the group here: under ‘Group Therapy – process based exploration’. 

For any queries, please contact MyMind by email or call 076 6801060.