What is Gestalt therapy?

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There are many different therapeutic approaches out there, and taking those first steps to getting the support you need can be daunting if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

What is Gestalt theory?

The word “Gestalt” means “organised whole”.  This method of therapy focuses on the whole of the client’s experience, including feelings, thoughts and actions.

The client gains self-awareness in the `here and now’ by analysing behaviour and body language and talking about bottled up feelings. This approach often includes acting out scenarios and dream recall.

What our team says

According to MyMind Gestalt therapist Seán De Bhulbh, “Gestaltists take a holistic view of human development, seeing the individual as a complex biological organism whose lived experience embodies feelings, emotions, health, energy, ageing, sensuality, pain, basic need fulfilments, reactions to and experiences of family, friends, work, domestic and social scenes.”

Gestalt therapy is often used for the treatment of:


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