My time at MyMind

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By Fiona Kerrigan

I have, for the past 3 months, been working as a communications intern at MyMind – Centre for Mental Wellbeing. My time at MyMind MyMind

My work here included writing creative content for the MyMind blog, managing social media, quantifying feedback, marketing and branding and event management.

MyMind is a non-profit organisation that provides accessible and affordable mental health care to those who need it. It fills a gap between often costly private mental health services and inaccessible public mental health services with wait times spanning over months or even years. MyMind aims to provide inexpensive help that is quick and simple to access.

MyMind’s vision is that everybody should be able to access and afford mental health care should they need it. Everybody – students, the unemployed, those working part-time and those in full-time employment. Depending on your circumstances, there are reduced rates for therapy sessions.

Over my time here, I have learned a lot about what it means to provide an accessible mental health service. MyMind, as an organisation, broke down the obstacles that face those seeking help with their mental health, such as expense, wait-time and the need for GP referral. These barriers can stop people from reaching out and asking for help. By offering self-referral counselling that is affordable and quickly accessible, MyMind aims to put an end to these obstacles and help all people struggling with their mental wellbeing.

Mental health is important to me as a student of psychology and as a person. It has an impact, direct or otherwise, on everyone in the world. Mental health is gradually being accepted as a health need (World Health Organisation, 2001) and MyMind is ahead of the curve in terms of the accessible help they offer.

I strongly believe in what MyMind strives to do. The work of MyMind positively impacts the lives of individuals in Ireland, improving Irish society as a whole. The Comprehensive Mental Health Action Plan 2013-2020 (World Health Organisation, 2013) was described as a bridge to a world in which mental health is valued, promoted and protected. MyMind works towards this goal by providing accessible, obstacle-free mental health care to those who need it.