The Empty Chair on Christmas Day

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Christmas is the time of year when family come together

It’s meant to be a Happy Time, regardless of the weather

But when a precious link is missing from the Golden Family Chain

Christmas just brings memories and a heavy dose of Pain


A candle on the Sideboard, her picture in a Frame

Is all we have with us today, as we silently say her Name

Christmas Day around the table

With a Lonely Empty Chair

It’s hard to get to grips with it

Such Sadness in the air.


We set a place for her this year

Beside her Empty Chair

It would have been too hard not to do so

We wanted to feel her there

We even left a Cracker, a knife and fork and plate

If only she could have joined us, it would have been just great.


I think of her as an Angel, A new Star in the Sky

Twinkling brightly from above, as this Christmas Day goes by.

The Day is nearly over now

The food we could not touch

Drinking and ‘being merry’ just proved to be too much


So we just sat and remembered her, beside her empty chair

And wished it could be different, and that she could still be there

Christmas round the table will never be the same

We will always love and miss her, will always call her name.

(Dedicated to the memory of my beloved daughter Marguerite who went to Heaven on the 29th November, 2004)

“Wishing everybody who reads this poem, a happy, joyous, & peaceful Christmas with your loved ones.”

Claire Bernadette Forde