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Covid-19 – Help and Support through Free Online Counselling

By: Joanne Jeffries

Updated: 01 October 2020

Covid-19 – Help and Support through Free Online Counselling

The Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on mental health, but the impact of the pandemic and lockdown vary. 

For some people, the lockdown was a welcome hiatus to their everyday life. For others, it was an anxious time – and still is. From worries about job security to money woes, to anxiety over health (your own as well and family and friends), your mental health may not be feeling as positive as you want it to. If so, you are not alone.

How Covid-19 is Affecting Mental Health

There are some who paint lockdown as a cosy time, a chance to spent undiluted time with family and partners. From playing in the sunshine in the garden to binge-watching box sets on Netflix and other providers, the seven weeks of total lockdown was by some accounts, a thoroughly pleasant time.

This was not universal, however. In a recent small Irish study examining the impact of the pandemic on mental health, a third of people interviewed presented with ‘coronavirus-related anxiety and depression’. The results, researchers say, were ‘quite striking’.

People were isolated on their own, and even when they were with family or friends, the sense of isolation, fear and anxiety didn’t lift. There were people fearing abuse from partners, and for many with addiction issues, the temptation to turn to alcohol or other substances threatened to plunge them back into a destructive spiral.

Even when someone seemingly had everything – good health, a stable job, a loving family and a safe home – depression and anxiety still came knocking.

Getting Free Online Counselling For COVID-related Issues

Reaching out for help at a time when we need it most is the hardest thing to do. For example, you may feel that your problems are ‘not that bad’ compared to what other people are going through.  Or maybe you feel embarrassed, ashamed or guilty for asking for help and that you should be able to cope.

Whether these feelings crept in over the last few months or took a hold in the early days of lockdown, your emotions and feelings are valid. Talking about our emotions is the key.

With so many professionals not yet in a position to offer in-person appointments, free online counselling is fast-becoming the solution.

The Benefits of Online Counselling

The need for counselling has never been greater, and the demand is increasing. There are studies happening now across the world and so knowing the true depth and impact of lockdown, and the pandemic on mental health is a picture still being pieced together. In one study, over half of the people taking part said they had felt an increased sense of depression, anxiety and mood disturbance as a result of lockdown and COVID-19.

Online counselling has many benefits:

·        You’ll likely have the hardware you need to hold a visual online conversation – your smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop all offer the screen time you need for counselling

·        You don’t need expensive software – many video calls are free and providing you have a stable connection to the internet, you’ll have an hour of undisturbed time with your counsellor

·        Removes the physical hurdle – for some people, leaving home can be difficult, especially at the moment. Online counselling allows you to stay in the place where you are comfortable.

·        Simple, easy and secure – it will be an appointment that fuels the steps to change

·        Free – many mental health organisations are offering free online counselling session, such is the need for mental health support at this time.

Online counselling and support is a tool that many people have already used successfully. Why not try it?


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