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Finding a connection and maintaining a healthy relationship in today’s fast, complex world can be challenging. If you struggle with maintaining a healthy relationship or find it difficult to nurture the intimate connection you need in your romantic life, this workshop will help. This half day workshop will help you escape the single trap to find joy in romance and create and maintain a balanced, mature and satisfying relationship. The workshop will be particularly relevant to anyone who wants to work on their personal growth and at the same time, discover how to communicate and relate to others.

During the workshop, participants will be be supported and encouraged to understand how their life experiences manifest in their current or past relationships.
During the workshop, you will:

  • Identify blockages and patterns that may be preventing you from creating your desired relationship;
  • Become more aware of what you might bring from your own background when looking for a partner;
  • Identify your needs and learn how to communicate them with a prospective partner;
  • Learn what is and how to establish loving, healthy and long-term relationship.

The workshop will include lectures and written exercises, as well as some active learning and dialogue practice with other participants.

Date: TBC
Fee: €80.00
Location: 1 Chelmsford Road, Ranelagh, Dublin 6
Facilitators: Karolina Jurasik and Anna Nauka

Terms and conditions of booking:
Without prejudice to the following terms, MyMind requires 14 days notice for cancellation in order for you to receive a full refund. In the event that you give less than the above stated notice of cancellation, then your course fee may NOT be refunded in full or at all (at the discretion of MyMind and subject to your statutory rights).