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Relationship Issues articles

Relationship Issues are issues between two people in a relationship causing pain and anxiety due to a lack of or breakdown in communication.

How to online date without losing yourself

That old saying “the course of true love never runs smoothly” certainly has merit when it comes to finding that love. There was a ti ...

Intimacy: Connecting without fear

When I think of every person in this world I imagine a vast inter-connected series of lines, a bit like a rail system grid, interloc ...

5 steps to a healthier relationship

While Valentine’s Day is a prime opportunity to show your partner how you feel, it is also important to show your affection on the o ...

Combatting insecurities in your relationship

Now that we know how to boost our self-esteem going into a relationship, what do we do when we get there? No matter how much we lear ...

INTERVIEW: Keeping the Love you Find

MyMind is hosting a workshop this November that will help you find and keep the love you deserve. Finding a connection and maintain ...

INTERVIEW: Restore your Love

Do you feel your relationship has lost its way? Perhaps communication has broken down between yourself and your partner, or you’re a ...

Love and your mental wellbeing

What is love? Love, often treated as an enigma, can be defined as a strong feeling of affection one experiences towards another per ...

Spend time, not money

At Christmas, parents can feel a lot of pressure to create the ‘perfect’ festive experience for their children. With toy ads and San ...

What marriage counselling meant to me

A real service user shares her experience with marriage counselling at MyMind.  A few months back, my marriage was in trouble ...

Relationship problems

‘All you need is love’. This may be true, but it doesn’t mean you don’t sometimes have to work at it. Relationship problems can occ ...


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