Raising Children with Different Parenting Approaches

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Having children is a part of marriage that in itself is fraught with issues.  Whether or not to procreate and when to do so are points that couples deal with early on, unless circumstance causes them to deal with it before they are ready.  Fertility is also a huge issue and one that can cause a massive number of issues … Read More

Financial Stress in long term Relationships

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As human beings, money is, for the majority, something that we think about more than we care for.   How we deal with financial stress within a long term relationship is so important in terms of how we communicate, how we view each other and how we understand the balance of both power and of nurture within our relationship.   … Read More

Marriage Counselling: Communication, how to say that difficult thing

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Marriage Counselling: Communication, how to say that difficult thing Communication within a long term relationship is something that couples therapists address with every set of clients that they see.  How a couple communicates is a massive stumbling block for a lot of people. This is something that is true of not just couples, however.  It is also true in other … Read More

Marriage Counselling: Infidelity

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When a relationship starts to crumble what’s the appropriate action? Many therapists comment that by the time couples come to visit their office the damage has done on for too long, hurts and distrust run too deep and iceberg that’s wedged between their love is too entrenched to allow for the examination and work required to restore the relationship to … Read More

Rethinking anxiety to our advantage

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Worry and stress have become socially acceptable code words for anxiety.  Anxiety is rooted in our fear response. How we process fear is a long-held system that we build over our childhoods and continue to cement, well into our adult lives.  It feels immutable, unchangeable and overwhelming. However, like any other system that we have, though self awareness, we can … Read More

Loss of a partner: When half of you is gone

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Dealing with the death of a partner can bring a sense of emptiness and loneliness that is as unique as the love you shared. Particularly when you have spent the majority of your adult life with this person, it can feel like half of you is gone. A sense of feeling lost and abandoned is not uncommon.  “I have no … Read More

What does it mean to connect?

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In our modern world using social media to connect is standard practice. Last month we commemorated “Safer Internet Day” where my colleague and I attended a Twitter event with four panelists leading discussions on the pros and cons of the online world. The topic of cyber-bullying and abuse were on the forefront of the discussion on safe internet use, and … Read More

Loss of a child: How can a parent move forward?

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It’s universally understood that the loss of a child, outliving one’s offspring is unnatural, devastating, the worst pain one can endure which leaves bereaved parents feeling a range of emotions from unbearable anger to denial to unfathomable pain. There is no replacing or getting over the loss of the precious soul that has left a family through death but there … Read More

Loss of a parent: Adults grieving and coping

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The relationships we develop with our parents can be as varied as our appreciation of musical styles. Some of us aren’t too close to our parents, some of us don’t really know them at all but for those of us who have been fortunate enough to know our parents as protectors, providers and friends; the loss of this profound relationship … Read More