Area of expertise: Company Management, Health informatics, Psychology

Krystian Fikert set up MyMind in 2006 in response to Ireland’s complicated mental health system. MyMind provides affordable and accessible mental health services within the community, which aims to bypass the need for clinical referral, long waiting lists and high-cost services.

MyMind is a not-for-profit social enterprise, with profits made from fee-paying clients used to subsidise clients who cannot afford full fees. It has two centres in Dublin: Rathmines and Store Street, one location in Cork, and one location in Limerick, providing face-to-face support, and also provides support through Online MyMind, an innovative online support model.

Krystian about himself:

In MyMind, I have developed an innovative model which can help many people in Ireland.

The model is the most important starting point. As an experienced psychologist and psychotherapist, I ensure that all services are conducted to the highest standards. From a start-up company, we now contract over 80 mental health professionals and employ six staff members.

As Founder and CEO, I have managed this growth and development successfully year on year. In my day-to-day work I am responsible for important and strategic decisions. My role is to continue promoting the MyMind model of mental health services and its huge potential to lead changes in relation to improving community wellbeing in Ireland.

I am passionate, determined, hard-working, innovative and ambitious – my several social entrepreneur awards illustrate this commitment:

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