Areas of expertise: Branding, Visual Communication, Marketing, Finance management

Cesar Sugita has been involved with MyMind from the early stage as a volunteer and officially joined our team in early 2012. He holds a diploma in New Media and Internet Marketing as well as a B.A in Communication and Advertising. He heads our branding, marketing and visual communication using the skills obtained from his B.A in communication and his great attention to detail. Cesar has continually managed the department to meet demand with great success and we now stand as one of the leading mental health services provider in Ireland.

 “Any company that experiences growth of over 30% per year, year after year, has to keep its eyes open in order to preserve its core and values which are invariably carried out by the team behind the brand. At MyMind we make sure that our team has our core and values as their drive and motivation and that’s how we ensure all our clients can access meaningful and lasting positive change. That’s the core that sustains our brand.”

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