Making January your own

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“What are your New Year’s resolutions?” “Did you have a good Christmas?” “What did you do for New Year’s Eve?” “Wasn’t it great to have the long Christmas break?” “New Year, new start”….. And so go on the interrogations of the so-called festive period. Any of these sound familiar? As we face into January and listen to everybody else’s good … Read More

What is Gestalt therapy?

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There are many different therapeutic approaches out there, and taking those first steps to getting the support you need can be daunting if you don’t know what you’re looking for. What is Gestalt theory? The word “Gestalt” means “organised whole”.  This method of therapy focuses on the whole of the client’s experience, including feelings, thoughts and actions. The client gains … Read More

MyMind video series: Stephen Watkins


Stephen Watkins

In the fourth instalment of the MyMind video series, our Cork-based psychologist Stephen Watkins talks about the workings and benefits of CBT and the factors that could deter someone from getting the support they need. “The biggest barrier that I’ve repeatedly come across is that people who come to therapy think for some reason that they’re wrong or unusual or … Read More

My time at MyMind

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Limerick Mental Health Week

Before I started my work placement at MyMind, I didn’t really know much about the organisation. I knew that it integrated technology with mental health and that was roughly the bare bones of it. I was quite keen to begin to learn the “behind the scenes” process of counselling and psychotherapy as I was never provided that opportunity before, let … Read More