What is Tocophobia?

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In this piece, MyMind psychotherapist Lorraine Hackett and other experts talks about tocophobia – an extreme fear of childbirth. This article appeared in the Irish Times.  Tocophobia, an extreme fear of childbirth, is surprisingly common and is estimated to affect one in 10 women. It was first identified by Dr Kristina Hofberg in 2000. Hofberg separates sufferers into two categories: primary tocophobes, … Read More

Sun shines on MyMind video shoot!

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We had so much fun shooting the video for our very special 10th anniversary celebrations in 2016! We worked with the extremely talented Black Lobster Production on bringing our ideas to life. The sun shone all day and we were delighted with the energy and smiles that everyone brought to the day. Since opening in 2006, MyMind has had a … Read More

My time at MyMind

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By Fiona Kerrigan I have, for the past 3 months, been working as a communications intern at MyMind – Centre for Mental Wellbeing.  My work here included writing creative content for the MyMind blog, managing social media, quantifying feedback, marketing and branding and event management. MyMind is a non-profit organisation that provides accessible and affordable mental health care to those … Read More

An Interview with Brenda Pedrosa

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Brenda Pedrosa

This month, we’re talking with MyMind psychotherapist Brenda Pedrosa about her work at MyMind and hypnotherapy. Could you tell me about yourself and your work at MyMind? I’ve been living in Ireland since February 2011. I had decided to live abroad to study English and seek an opportunity to develop my career in my professional area. Fortunately I fell in love with … Read More

An Interview with Seán De Bhulbh

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This month, we’re talking with Gestalt therapist Seán De Bhulbh about his work at MyMind and the Gestalt approach to therapy. What drew you to the area of therapy? When I reached my late thirties I experienced unhappiness and dis-ease in life, my life circumstances and situation.  I found it difficult to enjoy relationships and to feel satisfaction and fulfilment in my work.  … Read More