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About Us

MyMind was founded in June 2006 as a community based provider of accessible mental health services. We provide psychological and psychotherapy services to people who are seeking mental health support. Employing a combination of contracted and voluntary therapists and practitioners, we are able to offer accessible and affordable mental health care. Clients are able to self-refer to MyMind's service by booking appointments either online or calling the office on 076 680 1060, and due to the volume of mental health professionals we employ, appointments are usually made within 72 hours of their first contact with MyMind. 

We are a non-profit organisation registered in Ireland (434008) with charitable status (CHY17600).

MyMind vision

Everyone in Ireland has easy and quick access to community based mental health services.

MyMind purpose 

To pioneer a new and sustainable model of community based and online mental health services that are accessible and affordable to everyone.

MyMind's solution to current mental health situation in Ireland:

  • MyMind is a self-referral model of mental health care 
  • MyMind is an alternative to the medical model – we do not prescribe drugs as a solution, only if necessary
  • MyMind is easy to access, clients are able to see a professional within a few days after initial contact
  • MyMind services are affordable, we also provide reduced or free sessions for those who cannot afford full fees
  • MyMind provides one-to-one sessions, couple and family therapy, child and adolescent therapy, group therapy and workshops 

 MyMind is a Social Enterprise model:

  • Profits made from our fee-paying clients are used to support fees for clients who cannot afford it.
  • MyMind connects clients with a team of qualified mental health professionals, ensures quality and adherence to regulations and standards.

Strategy plan 2014-16

      • Maximise the potential of our existing early intervention MH services, by maintaining our average of 4.4 sessions per client
      • Grow network of services: open a centre in Galway by Q3 2015
      • Grow client base through marketing and partnerships with existing mental health organisations
      • Reach financial break even by 2016
      • Refine and consolidate evaluation and performance framework through improving performance reviews and client feedback forms
      • Grow effective and efficient organisation: MyMind staff will provide the key skills and capacity that will enable the successful delivery of our strategic objectives


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